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My Checklist for May

01. Read 3 books

02. Finish my online course

03. Do my exercises, The Belly Lab

04. Facetime my parents every day

05. Loss 5 kilos

06. Study behaviors

07. Declutter my home

08. Go for a walk every day

09. Stay safe

10. Do my face yoga every day

Get older with 

style and happiness !

Online coaching

Face yoga is for everyone. Young or old, doesn't matter. It is a holistic experience. Like when doing yoga, we go deep into the body, with face yoga we do the same.

With face yoga you take care of your face muscles, skin and appearance. You build-up your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Try it out today and learn to be the best YOU.

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Hello I'm Bente and I want to welcome you

to Face Yoga Worldwide and Coaching 4 Women Today 

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I only coach women and, I truly believe that by changing our habits, we can change our life. I have done it myself. 

Learn about face yoga, positive psychology, mindfulness, mindful eating, healthy living, acupressure, menopause.

Today's link about Face Yoga on the WWW

Sabka dentist:


You will find more links in the Face Yoga section.

I am by nature a very open-minded person, looking for the best in every human being.
I believe it's never too late to learn and pass on what we already know.

I was certified as Face Yoga teacher in Nov. 2017. Since then I have never stopped learning and studying about our face and its muscles.

I have helped women from many countries to have a younger appearance and more self-esteem/self-confidence.

What will I do? I will learn you how to work your face, neck and extraocular muscles, many of them, we can work directly on.

You can regret a lot of things, but you'll never regret doing Face Yoga.

I'll make

your life good.

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