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by Bente Nyeboe

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My Checklist

01. Do my Face Yoga

02. Be Happy

03. Live Healthy

04. Tell my family I love them

05. Call a good friend

06. Set Tomorrows goal

Get older with 

style and happiness !

Online coaching

to Face Yoga and Coaching 4 Women Today 

Change your habits - cange your life

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Why this title. I only coach women and, I truly believe that by changing our habits, we can change our life. I have done it myself. 

What I have learned in the past 40 years, I want to learn to you today. I will tell you about what did work for me, but also about the mistakes I made (and I made some). 

DIAMANT Package 

For you, who want the best!

You will have access to my face yoga program. 

You will have access to my healthy living program.

You will have access to my self-esteem program.

You will have access to my relationship program.

You will have access to my DIAMANT  Facebook group.

You will have private facetime coaching sessions with me.

I take a maximum of 20 women for


package at the time.

This package will be available from 1st. April 2020, I will run for a year. 

The price is $500 per month or $5000 for the year.

Get on the waiting list!


I will show you that wrinkles and lines on your face can fade without botox and fillers (in 8 weeks).

I will also teach you how to prepare yourself for your senior days.

I will learn you how to get older with style and happiness!

I'll make

your life good.


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